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VVIP Visit to HMIE Hyderabad

Whenever we see the settling sun, we live in peace with the only hope that it would definitely rise the very next morning, filling up our lives with brightness and the all needed hotness. Such is the story of HMIE that is shining with pride. HMIE was ready, all dressed up to welcome its VVIP Guest, whose arrival brought new life to the campus and new hopes to all its employees. 

 The most awaited person was our beloved Head of R&D, Mr. Albert Biermann, since we heard him for the very first time. Hearing his words in person was the most anticipated act this New Year has witnessed. And when such a man showered us with praises, our happiness knew no bounds. 

 From the moment he stepped out of his car, putting his overcoat on the move, to the way he addressed the assembled audience for a town hall meeting, and from the way he greeted HMIE employees to the way he spread positivity, there was elegance and poise etched in everything he did.
2020-10-08 VVIP-Visit-to-HMIE-Hyderabad
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Women's Day Celebration 2020

Dear Women,
You are discriminated,
You are tabooed,
You get biased &
You are abused
You shine like the stars that twinkle in the dark night and rise like the tides that never cease to rise high irrespective of any obstacle.
You inspire, teach, preach, & guide.
As mothers, sisters, wives, & daughters you illuminate lives and make life a living bliss.
International Women’s day is to celebrate each remarkable woman, and so does HMIE.
A sneak peek into the celebration
All the women were draped in beautiful attires of dazzling colors. A smile is the best makeup any person can ever wear, and on this special occasion, all the women of HMIE were adorned with charisma and charm. The day started off with a welcome speech, closely followed by a group snap with our beloved MD & BEDG HOG. Then we had the most interesting task ever, pebble painting. The artistic self in each woman woke up with a jolt and the outcome each one produced was jaw dropping. As soon as the task was completed, the women were ushered to have another snap- the second for the day.
Then there was the most anticipated moment of the day-movie screening, wherein the child in each woman felt enthusiastic to watch the movie, all set with a pop-corn packet in one hand and a glass of soft drink in the other. After watching continuously for two hours, it was the time to stretch our bodies and suffice the hunger of our rumbling stomachs. Of which, HMIE organized a yummy lunch especially for the women of HMIE. With filled tummies, and happy faces all the women marched to their respective work stations to embrace the reality that awaited them. Women were pleasantly surprised as there was one last celebration, souvenir distribution; pepper spray with leather pouches were gifted to make the women of HMIE feel safe even when they aren’t in office campus.
Respecting each woman, is the least we could do to felicitate her for all the efforts she is putting forth. 

2020-09-29 Womens-Day-Celebration-2020
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Wedlock Fest 2020

If you're enjoying a life of wedded bliss, marriage will ultimately impact many facets of your life. Long ago, marriage was, for the most part, an economic arrangement. This later evolved into a way for people to express their love and commitment to each other.
Nowadays, millennials are facing many challenges; one often views marriage as a “capstone” rather than “cornerstone” of one's adult life.

HMIE has organized an event Wedlock Fest 2020, a great program for the newly-weds wherein they gain valuable knowledge about the various aspects of marital satisfaction.
We asked some of our employees who participated about what they loved most about this event. Let us find out their experiences.
“Wedlock Fest was a great opportunity to bring in my spouse to the office and show him my workspace. It was a fun filled day as we had really spent quality time here. The day started with a warm welcome followed by exciting fun games and a guest lecture by Dr. Pattabhiram garu which was the most important activity of the day. It had a great impact on all of us and some husbands starting treating their wives so well immediately (haha.) We had a sumptuous meal for lunch and also had a chance to interact well with our colleague’s spouses as well.
Later on we were given a souvenir of resort stay voucher, and the day ended with us clicking some memorable pictures all around our campus. My husband liked the event very much. It was a well-organized event and I thank our HR team for initiating such events.”
Divya Pranuthi.

“We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to making us a part of the Wedlock Fest. It was indeed an amazing experience to learn about healthy relationship and bonding by Dr.B.V Pattabhiram.To our surprise, we have received a resort stay voucher to spend some quality time with my spouse. Overall, it was a delightful program which guided us on understanding our partner better towards leading a happy life.” Lalitha Narendranath

2020-09-29 Wedlock-Fest-2020
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HMIE Family Day

Of all the events, the most awaited for many would be our ‘Family Day Event’, wherein people from all the departments come in together to not only showcase their hidden talents but also to entertain and bring smiles to their fellow friends and their respective families.

It’s important to have such an event once a year, as it helps members’ families to experience HMIE’s culture at first hand. HMIE is a perfect blend of two cultures that vow to respect each other at everything they do. Letting the families get familiar with our working culture would make our lives a little bit easier and working merrier. 
This year’s event was a way bit special as it was organized outside HMIE premises. The star like lights lit the place and made everyone go awe at such a celebration. Adding to the beauty were the performances, ambience, the way families were received and topping and spicing up the event was a well-served yummy dinner.

2020-02-10 HMIE-Family-Day
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Women’s Day

The International Women’s Day is a reminder that we are always surrounded by beautiful women in our respective lives in the forms of Mothers, Wives, Sisters, & Daughters. ‘Beauty not admired is a sin’, so the world has decided to acknowledge this presence by solely dedicating a day for the celebration and so we at HMIE took time out to appreciate our very own lovely ladies.
2019-10-24 Womens-Day
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Hyundai CSR

As we come to the end of the monsoon season in India, hope you all had a fair share of fun drenching in the sudden outbursts that usually took us by surprise. Sadly, this year, not everyone was lucky enough to enjoy the rainfalls as thousands of people got hit by the fury of Mother Nature’s ravaging monsoons. The nation awoke to a severe crisis with torrential rains and flooding.
In the case of Kerala, the situation directly affected one-sixth of the total population.A state which was once regarded as the darling destination of many tourists and tagged as ‘God’s own country’ now lay bare in ruins and damages running into thousands of crores. Such dark and sad patches in history are also always replete with stories of courage, humanity, and compassion.As help started pouring in from all corners, we started noticing commendable stories of selfless service by big corporations to noble individuals. Hyundai was swift and benevolent in coming to the rescue as well. A Generous amount to the tune of 25 lakhs was donated to help in the rebuilding efforts of the Kerala ministry. 
The focus areas for which this amount is going to be used are Health Care, Food Supply, Sanitation improvement & Water purification.Additionally, taking into consideration the requirements, we also sent a truckload of utensils amounting to 9 lakh rupees. This amount was the sum of the funds collected from the employees and management contribution.Recovering and rebuilding is a long and painful process but such beautiful gestures of selfless help and support not just brings monetary relief to the affected people but also restores their faith in humanity. We are proud to be associated with such an empathetic company.
2019-10-24 Hyundai-CSR