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VVIP Visit to HMIE Hyderabad

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Whenever we see the settling sun, we live in peace with the only hope that it would definitely rise the very next morning, filling up our lives with brightness and the all needed hotness. Such is the story of HMIE that is shining with pride. HMIE was ready, all dressed up to welcome its VVIP Guest, whose arrival brought new life to the campus and new hopes to all its employees. 

 The most awaited person was our beloved Head of R&D, Mr. Albert Biermann, since we heard him for the very first time. Hearing his words in person was the most anticipated act this New Year has witnessed. And when such a man showered us with praises, our happiness knew no bounds. 

 From the moment he stepped out of his car, putting his overcoat on the move, to the way he addressed the assembled audience for a town hall meeting, and from the way he greeted HMIE employees to the way he spread positivity, there was elegance and poise etched in everything he did.