Computer Aided Design

HMIE majorly supports Hyundai Motor Company Namyang R&D Centre, South Korea in CAD work process. The standard scope of work of HMIE is to support in modification / reuse of the base model, from the database maintained in South Korea.

Engineering Design Support Services

The Engineering Design Team’s orientation is to support in developing trendy designs for best in class in performance. The team in Hyderabad supports the Global Design Engineering Team’s perusal to improve the product's completeness and to meet the needs of customers by combining new technologies and manufacturing methods. The team supports the process of various test evaluations for basic performance, such as crash safety, less noise, vibration, improving fuel economy, as well as regulations, technology trends, quality, and ease of use and so on.

The Engineering Design Support Services are further divided into:

  • Structure Dept

    Designs the basic skeleton of the car and mainly uses the steel metal materials to make safe, durable, quiet and lightweight cabin space. (Lower body, Upper Body & Side structure etc.)

  • Closure Dept

    Designers collaborate with styling and package teams to ensure good styling and configure the systems, so that passengers can easily get on and off. (Door, Tailgate, Hood & Mechanism parts etc.)

  • Exterior Dept

    Designs vehicle exterior parts such as lamps, Mirrors, Glass and wipers to provide best possible vision, bumpers to protect the occupants in the event of a collision and avoid excess part damage. (Bumpers, Lamps, Glass & Wipers etc.)

  • Interior Dept

    Designs air conditioning, cockpit module, Interior system which satisfies sensitivity, quietness, safety and convenience and seat system which provides comfort and safe seating. (Cockpit, HVAC, Interior trims & Seats etc.)

  • Chassis Dept. 1

    Chassis system deals with components which are necessary for a vehicle to be driven such as vehicle suspension, wheel, tire, steering, and brake systems. It also includes passenger safety systems like airbags and Seatbelts (Suspension, Steering, Brake, Wheel & Tire etc.)

  • Chassis Dept. 2

    Deals with Intake, exhaust, cooling, fuel system to increase engine performance and control systems such as clutch pedal and shift lever which allows the driver to efficiently control the vehicle. It also supports the powertrain with driving system. (Fuel, Intake/Exhaust, Mounting & Control etc.)

  • Design verification Dept.

    Virtually assembles the components during design stage to validate the manufacturing and quality issues. In addition, VR model is used before the drawing release to check quality, visibility, and usability in various environments.

Electronics Engineering & infotainment development support services

We offer support services in understanding customer requirements and creating easy to use electronic & Infotainment features for Indian cars. We extend support services in the development of electrical and electronic parts/features such as Body electronics, Telematics, ADAS Parking, Power management, Wiring Harness etc.

  • ADAS Parking: Drive safe and comfort during driving and parking
  • Wiring Harness: harness is connected to every device similar to human nervous system
  • Power Management: To operate vehicle’s complete electrical loads through balanced power supply.
  • Infotainment System : Audio, Navigation and sound system

Electronics Test & Development Support Services

This division works on functional support services in testing of different systems including

  • Body control & Display systems
  • Electrical Energy management
  • Pre-Validation of various Electronic control Units
  • Active and passive safety systems

Software Development Support Services

We support in software development and verification lifecycle services. Which includes ADAS, AUTOSAR, Body, Chassis and Safety Controllers, E/E Architecture, Control Model Database & Artificial Intelligence? Improving the Software Quality by adhering to automotive industry standards such as ASPICE, ISO26262.