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Wedlock Fest 2020

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If you're enjoying a life of wedded bliss, marriage will ultimately impact many facets of your life. Long ago, marriage was, for the most part, an economic arrangement. This later evolved into a way for people to express their love and commitment to each other.
Nowadays, millennials are facing many challenges; one often views marriage as a “capstone” rather than “cornerstone” of one's adult life.

HMIE has organized an event Wedlock Fest 2020, a great program for the newly-weds wherein they gain valuable knowledge about the various aspects of marital satisfaction.
We asked some of our employees who participated about what they loved most about this event. Let us find out their experiences.
“Wedlock Fest was a great opportunity to bring in my spouse to the office and show him my workspace. It was a fun filled day as we had really spent quality time here. The day started with a warm welcome followed by exciting fun games and a guest lecture by Dr. Pattabhiram garu which was the most important activity of the day. It had a great impact on all of us and some husbands starting treating their wives so well immediately (haha.) We had a sumptuous meal for lunch and also had a chance to interact well with our colleague’s spouses as well.
Later on we were given a souvenir of resort stay voucher, and the day ended with us clicking some memorable pictures all around our campus. My husband liked the event very much. It was a well-organized event and I thank our HR team for initiating such events.”
Divya Pranuthi.

“We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to making us a part of the Wedlock Fest. It was indeed an amazing experience to learn about healthy relationship and bonding by Dr.B.V Pattabhiram.To our surprise, we have received a resort stay voucher to spend some quality time with my spouse. Overall, it was a delightful program which guided us on understanding our partner better towards leading a happy life.” Lalitha Narendranath