HMIE Leadership

  • Ji Hong Baek

    Mr Kuen Han Yi

    Managing Director

    Mr. Kuen Han Yi, had assumed the role of Managing Director of HMIE in Jan 2021, he is a specialist in  New Car Development Project Manager, he brings in a wealth of experience which spans over 27 years working at Hyundai Motor Company, Korea.

    In recent times, due to pandemic the automobile industry has experienced a slowdown, Mr. Yi understands the challenges and believes in strategically countering these hitches. With the strength of his leadership which is based on resilience, research, facts, strategized ideologies & process oriented execution of tasks HMIE is expected to reach new a stature in automobile industry during his tenure.

    HMIE has always been futuristic; constantly studying, benchmarking and testing the market, by doing so it was able to leave impactful mark in the industry with launches like Santro, Verna, i10, Creta etc. This trend will be taken a step higher by Mr. Yi.

    He plans to introduce manifold innovative projects to HMIE, which prioritizes organizational goals. He strongly believes in transparency, high caliber performance and stage-managed execution of responsibilities. His leadership will also focus on programs for competency and project development as individuals growth is directly linked with organizations achievements.

    Mr. Yi lives by the Hyundai motto of Together for a better future, he believes it is not just one individual behind an accomplishment but efforts of multiple diligent, meticulous individuals who make it happen.