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Women's Day Celebration 2020

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Dear Women,
You are discriminated,
You are tabooed,
You get biased &
You are abused
You shine like the stars that twinkle in the dark night and rise like the tides that never cease to rise high irrespective of any obstacle.
You inspire, teach, preach, & guide.
As mothers, sisters, wives, & daughters you illuminate lives and make life a living bliss.
International Women’s day is to celebrate each remarkable woman, and so does HMIE.
A sneak peek into the celebration
All the women were draped in beautiful attires of dazzling colors. A smile is the best makeup any person can ever wear, and on this special occasion, all the women of HMIE were adorned with charisma and charm. The day started off with a welcome speech, closely followed by a group snap with our beloved MD & BEDG HOG. Then we had the most interesting task ever, pebble painting. The artistic self in each woman woke up with a jolt and the outcome each one produced was jaw dropping. As soon as the task was completed, the women were ushered to have another snap- the second for the day.
Then there was the most anticipated moment of the day-movie screening, wherein the child in each woman felt enthusiastic to watch the movie, all set with a pop-corn packet in one hand and a glass of soft drink in the other. After watching continuously for two hours, it was the time to stretch our bodies and suffice the hunger of our rumbling stomachs. Of which, HMIE organized a yummy lunch especially for the women of HMIE. With filled tummies, and happy faces all the women marched to their respective work stations to embrace the reality that awaited them. Women were pleasantly surprised as there was one last celebration, souvenir distribution; pepper spray with leather pouches were gifted to make the women of HMIE feel safe even when they aren’t in office campus.
Respecting each woman, is the least we could do to felicitate her for all the efforts she is putting forth.